3PL Companies

3PL Companies

International 3PL is one of the world’s leading 3PL Companies also referred to as Third Party Logistics providersTPL ) . We combine intercontinental freight services with comprehensive Value-Added Logistics Services and Supply Chain Services. The range of Supply Chain Solutions can vary from simple transport or storage up to complex operations. Our company offices span across 5 continents.

Our activities revolve around information, material and financial flow. We provide globally integrated end-to-end solutions tailored to our customers’ supply chain management needs with a special commitment to industry specific requirements.

International Shipping


Warehousing and Distribution


Supply Chain Solutions


When looking to outsource all or part of a company’s logistics function it is important to look for a third party logistics provider with proven expertise. To put it simply, third party logistics or “3PL” is the integration of a company’s shipping, warehousing, distribution, transportation, and related logistics services through an outsourced or “third party” partnership. We provide our clients with powerful logistics solutions involving people, technology and location working together to provide integrated, full service supply chain management.

With comprehensive 3PL services; supply chain efficiency, customer satisfaction and brand value growth come together to benefit you. We bridge the gap between your goods and your customers.

We Specialize in designing efficient and cost effective logistics solutions customized to client’s specific needs. This allows you to focus on core competencies and receive a logistical advantage over the competition through the use of International 3PL’s professional third party logistics services.

Advantages of  3PL Companies include:

  • Allows flexibility to expand and contract inventory levels
  • Enhanced technology and supply chain visibility
  • Improved customer service offerings
  • Allows companies to focus on core competencies
  • A more strategic and scientific approach to logistics challenges
  • Lower or eliminate capital expenditures associated with equipment and facilities.

3PL Companies offer


We offer a variety of value-added services to enhance customer’s warehousing and transportation programs including: kitting and final assembly, labeling, polybagging, shrink wrapping, and pick/pack services.
Site Selection
We leverage expansive networks and industry knowledge to aid Customers in selecting a strategically placed warehouse site that is optimal for your specific distribution program.

Rate Assessment
By conducting a formal examination on client shipment history and rates in historical lanes of service our transportation analysts can cut cost out of your transportation program.

Inventory Management
Our best in class approach to inventory management insures a quantifiable inventory accuracy of 99.9%.

Vendor Management
For customers that wish to keep their own carriers in conjunction with, or in place of, We offer assistance in managing load planning activities and carrier performance.

Freight Management
We work with hand-selected carriers who have formed strong partnerships with International 3PL offering the best service when it comes to Ocean, air or inland transportation.

Why International 3PL

A Third Party Logistics Provider ( TPL ) is an outsourced provider that manages all or a significant part of an organization’s logistics requirements and performs transportation, locating and sometimes product consolidation activities.

International shippers

International Shipping

As more and more International shippers enter the market, we distinguish ourselves by offering World Class International freight forwarding services. We provide expert international ocean freight forwarding services to companies large and small. We are an integral part of our clients export departments, offering custom tailored ocean/sea freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargo.

We offer all types of containerized shipping, from less than container loads to 20′, 40′ and refrigerated containers. We also offer highly personalized roll on roll off services for cars, trucks and boats. Our ocean shipping experts are available to provide you with fast quotes to all destinations across the globe.

International 3PL is a leading project cargo specialist, often handling extremely difficult and large scale freight to remote destinations. From imports to the USA to exports across the globe, experience the best international freight shippers.

Import or export, air or ocean, standard or expedited – we have the resources to do it all. We are equipped to handle your international shipments with care – and we can even help you with global trade compliance duties and regulations. Let us go to work on your next international shipment so that you can enjoy peace-of-mind assurance that your important goods will be handled with extra care.

Our special capabilities to handle trade disputes, quota issues and customs procedures. We deal with changing trade policies and emergency measures, ensuring that each of our customers achieves the utmost cost efficiency when moving their freight internationally.

In addition to standard freight services, we offer flexible and cost-effective intermodal solutions to cater to your specific needs in terms of cost, transit time and routing.

Visibility, accessibility and connectivity are the driving force of our operation.
Through continuous innovation, we consistently devise new freight models and innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing business needs.

International shippers services:

As International freight shippers, our services include ocean and air freight imports and exports from, and to all global destinations.

Wood Flooring Orlando

Wood Flooring Orlando

The Laminate Factory has the largest Selection of Wood Flooring Orlando has to offer.
Wire brushed, Hand scraped, flamed. You just name it

The laminate factory also carries a wide selection of other flooring products

Available Flooring Products

  • Hardwood floors

    Looking for wood flooring Orlando specials:

    Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. The thickness of solid wood flooring can vary. One of the many benefits of solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished many times. Solid wood flooring can be installed above or on grade.
    Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured using multiple layers of different wood veneers. Engineered wood will expand and contract less than solid wood flooring during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. The top layer of engineered wood flooring consists of high-quality wood.

  • Laminate flooring
    Laminate flooring has been around for over 20 years. It started out as a simple 7 mm thick product with a smooth finish that required the planks to be glued. Since then it has evolved into a product that looks so much like wood floor with many finishes that you can not tell the difference between laminate flooring and hardwood flooring.
    Laminate flooring is relatively inexpensive, very durable and easy to install. You can even install over existing floor such as linoleum and ceramic tile. Laminate floor continues to change. The laminate Orlando carries the most prestigious brand Orlando laminate flooring dealers have 
    There are regulations to protect the consumer. Make sure you buy your floor from a reputable dealer.
  • Orlando Bamboo Flooring
    Bamboo is a green product. The laminate factory carries a large selection covering the latest trends
  • Vinyl Flooring
    Luxury vinyl flooring is vinyl-based flooring material that looks like natural material through realistic images and textures.  Features of luxury and traditional vinyl tile do overlap and in some cases are indistinguishable. LVT Flooring has been gaining popularity. It can look like wood for stone with a lower cost yet is more durable than laminate or wood.Long ago, laminate flooring eclipsed vinyl as the go-to inexpensive and easy-to-install flooring product. Two reasons: laminate’s photorealistic image layer successfully imitated the look of wood and its plank format imitated the “long and narrow” board shape of real hardwood. Sheet vinyl could only offer up unrealistic grout lines for stone-look flooring and practically nothing in the way of wood-look flooring. 
  • Stone tiles such as marble, granite, limestone and travertine.
    There are five types of stone which are widely used in tile manufacture for residential purposes: marble, granite, slate, limestone, and basalt. Each kind has its own look and features, originating from where and how it was originally formed.
    Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, the result of the intense pressure  on limestone or dolomite. Although marble may be pure white in hue, it is often  veined with lovely colors.  Marble natural stone tile is frequently used for floors, walls
    Granite is classified as an igneous rock, Its attractive appearance, combined with its incredible toughness, make it a popular choice for stone tile. Granite tile is ideal for flooring.

In addition to Flooring products, The laminate factory carries an extensive line of kitchen cabinets Orlando has ever seen. Orlando Modern kitchen cabinets and Traditional cabinets

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Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite is a unique stone in appearance and structure that continues to meet demands as Granite Countertops are used for kitchen countertops

With its heat-resistant qualities, granite doesn’t blister; it’s also unlikely to scratch or chip. When used for kitchen countertops, it’s far superior to marble, synthetic and laminate. It’s also better-looking and has a luminous, dimensional quality when polished.

Although granite is very durable when it’s installed properly, it’s not unbreakable. It can be chipped or cracked if it’s struck with a sharp blow by a heavy object. It can also break if it’s dropped during installation. It is not flexible, and will crack if it is forced to twist or bend. Therefore, granite should only be handled by professionals and must always be adequately supported by proper framing or cabinetry.  Granite countertops need to be maintained properly in order to last a long time

Granite will not scorch or burn through ordinary use. It’s also resistance to stains. However, a few varieties may absorb some moisture with prolonged contact. Usually, no evidence remains when the liquid is removed and the granite dries, but this could be a problem with dark pigmented liquids or oils. A stone sealer should always be applied to its surface after installation.   

The quality of granite is highly subjective. The “best” granite is the one that best suits the need of the buyer, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. However, it is often rated on its luster when polished, its surface porosity, and its mingling of colors. Nearly all examples are quite suitable for counters, floors, and walls. There are lower grades available, but few are sold by reputable suppliers. The quality of the finished product lies more in the workmanship of the fabricator than in the product itself.  

Granite Countertops are worth the investment

Many customers are concerned about cost, but we sell several varieties of granite that are attractively priced. Once a customer sees that it will fit into the budget, the next step is to choose a color. But before this can be done, the buyer must decide whether the countertop will be the main focal point in the room, or another feature such as cabinetry. Sometimes the customer may decide to mix and match countertop materials, with the outside counters being one material and the island being another. In some cases, an island may even be split into two levels, with granite installed on one side only.

Granite Countertops continue to be the favorite choice when deciding on a kitchen countertop. Kitchen Countertops are a great factor when you decide on a kitchen design .


Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

Why Choose Wood Flooring?

One of the most desired types of flooring products in a home is wood flooring.  Its natural appearance and warmth makes it an ideal choice for many home owners, wood is beautiful and durable.

Wood flooring is available in Solid or Engineered. Can be installed floating, nail down or glue down.


Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. The thickness of solid wood flooring can vary. One of the many benefits of solid wood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished many times. Solid wood flooring can be installed above or on grade.
Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured using multiple layers of different wood veneers. Engineered wood will expand and contract less than solid wood flooring during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. The top layer of engineered wood flooring consists of high-quality wood.

Wood floors come in a variety of colors . Wood floors come in more than 30 species, domestic and exotic, with different color options, hardness, finish and price ranges. No matter what the look you want to achieve, there are a variety of species to match.

With Floor Giant you get factory direct pricing, leading Innovation and Excellent customer service.

We offer a variety of Wood Floors with different finished such as:

Wire Brushed Engineered Wood Floors

Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Smooth Finish Wood Floors

Oil Finish Wood Floors

Click engineered wood floors

Is becoming a more and more popular in the engineered market. Click engineered boards have special tongue and groove systems that simply lock together, forming a tight seam and a seamlessly smooth appearance.
Click floating engineered floors require absolutely no glue during installation and just lay over a foam or cork underlayment.
Click locking engineered floors can be installed on any grade level in the home and not only over traditional plywood or concrete subfloors, but also over old hardwood flooring, vinyl and tile as long as they are flat and well secured.

The benefits of using engineered wood floors

Include more resistance to slightly lower and higher moisture levels than solid wood flooring, which adds to their appeal to use in damp basements or in regions of the country that have higher or lower than normal relative humidity levels.
Also, engineered flooring (excluding the newer Click Lock flooring) can be direct glued-down over (dry) concrete slabs above or below grade or stapled down over a wood subfloor.

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