Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite is a unique stone in appearance and structure that continues to meet demands as Granite Countertops are used for kitchen countertops

With its heat-resistant qualities, granite doesn’t blister; it’s also unlikely to scratch or chip. When used for kitchen countertops, it’s far superior to marble, synthetic and laminate. It’s also better-looking and has a luminous, dimensional quality when polished.

Although granite is very durable when it’s installed properly, it’s not unbreakable. It can be chipped or cracked if it’s struck with a sharp blow by a heavy object. It can also break if it’s dropped during installation. It is not flexible, and will crack if it is forced to twist or bend. Therefore, granite should only be handled by professionals and must always be adequately supported by proper framing or cabinetry.  Granite countertops need to be maintained properly in order to last a long time

Granite will not scorch or burn through ordinary use. It’s also resistance to stains. However, a few varieties may absorb some moisture with prolonged contact. Usually, no evidence remains when the liquid is removed and the granite dries, but this could be a problem with dark pigmented liquids or oils. A stone sealer should always be applied to its surface after installation.   

The quality of granite is highly subjective. The “best” granite is the one that best suits the need of the buyer, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. However, it is often rated on its luster when polished, its surface porosity, and its mingling of colors. Nearly all examples are quite suitable for counters, floors, and walls. There are lower grades available, but few are sold by reputable suppliers. The quality of the finished product lies more in the workmanship of the fabricator than in the product itself.  

Granite Countertops are worth the investment

Many customers are concerned about cost, but we sell several varieties of granite that are attractively priced. Once a customer sees that it will fit into the budget, the next step is to choose a color. But before this can be done, the buyer must decide whether the countertop will be the main focal point in the room, or another feature such as cabinetry. Sometimes the customer may decide to mix and match countertop materials, with the outside counters being one material and the island being another. In some cases, an island may even be split into two levels, with granite installed on one side only.

Granite Countertops continue to be the favorite choice when deciding on a kitchen countertop. Kitchen Countertops are a great factor when you decide on a kitchen design .